One Of The Most Popular Song Of Famous pop Star Bera

One of the most popular song, of famous pop star Bera, is “Gpirdebi”. This song has Georgian lyrics. Young singer always emphasizes that he works on Georgian songs with the biggest responsibility because it is hardest task to surprise Georgian audience. They appear to be most critical and judgmental listeners.
Still he never boasts with all these success because he never likes to talk bout his accomplishments, he considers that person should not praise himself and jugging him in a good way just like in a bad way is a job of other people. Still, the more challenging his job is, more concentrated he is. Bera says that he likes life full of different obstacles and is 100% ready to overcome every single problem on his way to success. As he looks back and realizes how much he went trough he feels satisfied.

In his spear time Bera likes to do many things including exercising. He thinks that person should not have active lifestyle only in a way of career but also in a way of exercising. Bera has life motto that everything he does in life, should be done with a high quality. That’s why the quality of everything he does is really good. Bera often exercises with his small brother who is 11 years old. For him Bera is ideal and he tries to become as successful as his elder brother. Bera often says that he has some kind of responsibility toward his brother. When you serve as an example for someone you should try your best not to betray that person and be a good example. When I was little I had that kind of person who was perfect for me. This was a big motivation I tried my best to become as successful as that person was. Finally I made it and I always thank that person for such big motivation. Even though life often gives us challenges we should somehow handle them in order to make the people around us proud. For me when I see proud and loving faces of my family members, it gives me strength and power to move forward and never stop working hard.

When Bera is abroad, he often misses his family members. He says that he would never imagine life without his friendly family. As he travels for work he often explains that even though he is far away from his family he always thinks about them as if they are with him. His family is the main reason for his traveling. He does everything to make them proud and happy. Even though while traveling abroad he often spends sleepless nights sunk in his work, he has days when he simply isolates himself from surrounding and spends time remembering his family, talking with them on the phone, through internet and somehow fulfills this feeling of missing part of himself. As pop star returns back to his homeland he tries to spend as much time with his family as possible. He enjoys being with them like nothing else. These are the people who raised him and without them he would never be who he is now. He feels thankfulness towards his family members and feels proud that he has this kind of relatives. Parents are people who love us the most and no one will be happy for our success as much as our parents will. Parents are only people who will definitely never get jealous of our success. They are most valuable people in my life.

Two people, who mainly work on Bera’s album “Georgian Dream”, are Rob Fusari and compositor of Michael Jackson, Rodney Jerkins. These people are one of the most outstanding professionals and it is a huge achievement for a young singer like Bera to work with these people.Even though Bera has a manager, still he puts a maximum concentration in his job. As he says, young singer always tries to reach his goal by himself because the real winner is the person who does everything by alone Bera also emphasizes the fact that he has no one around whom he can trust all his work. Not that he is too addicted on his job or has some kind of affection. He just feels secure and calm when he has everything under his control. This trait is very useful but at the same time unusual for such young singer as Bera. In one of the interviews Bera describes the period when he published his first album in United States and returned back to his home country- Georgia. As Bera says it was very surprising for him when people stopped him on his way and asked to take pictures with him. Teenagers looked at Bera with the respect in their eyes and proudly told him that they where listening his songs five minutes ago. Bera could not hide his amazement he did not get used to this kind of fame and the reaction of these people was unusual for him.



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